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The Very Best Anti-aging Herbs
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Discover the Real Secret to Age-defying Vitality
A key factor influencing both how young you look and feel is your overall vitality of body, mind and spirit. Therefore, the path to defying your age must begin with the question: How do I best increase my vitality?

You might
suspect that things like exercise and super nutrition influence your vitality, but there's something that's been shown to be even more important. According to an impressive scientific study, the factor that most influences your vitality is how closely your life reflects who and what you want to be.

That's right. Your vitality is very dependent on how well you live your life in a manner consistent with your most heartfelt goals and desires.

Unfortunately, most of us struggle to be who and what we want to be. Instead of following our hearts, we spend much of our lives wondering,"Why did I ...?" or "Why didn't I ...?"

One reason for this is that most of us spend our lives trying in vain to control our external world when the key to being who and what we want to be requires taking charge of our internal world. In simplified terms, the life you truly want must begin with self-mastery.

Of course, if you just look at the people around you, it's obvious that very few of us understand how to take charge of our internal world - how to unite
body, mind and spirit for the common good. We're all too focused on the external world to even give self-mastery a thought. It's easier to blame the external world than it is to admit that everything that truly matters in life has been right there within you all along.

Being who and what you want to be should be easy, natural and fun. And, with the right understanding, it is. Read More

In The Game of Life,
It's Your Turn
In the game of life, it's your move. It always is.

What are you going to do with it?

The answer to that simple question will reveal your odds of winning, as well as the degree of
self-mastery you have over your own life.

Winning the game of life - and having true self-mastery - involves a simple process similar to that involved in playing any other type of game.

True Age-defying Herbs
First things first. What exactly do we mean by "age-defying" herbs?

Age-defying herbs should not be confused with what many people call "longevity" herbs. Longevity herbs focus on helping you to live longer, often by reducing the threat of cancer, heart disease and other common causes of death. Yes, they promote general health and well-being, but they may not have much of an impact on how good you look, feel and function for your age.

"Anti-aging" herbs, on the other hand, tend to slow down or stop the aging process. Perhaps they could be compared in function to getting an oil change for your car; the oil change will limit further wear and deterioration, but it's not going to make your car look or run better. So, anti-aging herbs tend to inhibit the "normal" aging process.

In contrast, "age-defying" herbs are claimed by herbologists to help you to actually defy your age. The hope in using them is that they will actually help you to reverse the aging process, helping you to look, feel and function as if you were several years, or even decades, younger. They are frequently referred to as rejuvenatives, restoratives or tonics, and they tend to promote greater physical and mental vitality - and, frequently, greater sexual vitality.

On this website we present a list of 15 of the best, if not the best, age-defying herbs, according to Ayurvedic and Chinese herbologists. We have also included some very basic information about each herb. Our intent is to get you started, aimed in the right direction, so you can do more thorough research and determine which, if any, of these herbs might be best for you.

WARNING: Using any herb can potentially have unintended and negative consequences to your health or well-being, so you are advised to do thorough research on each herb and consult with a doctor or herbologist who is familiar with herbs and your personal health history.

Please don't mistake this as simply a typical warning to limit some perceived legal liability on our part. Many herbs, for example, may raise or lower your blood pressure, perhaps posing a real danger to you.

Other herbs may throw your mind and/or body out of balance. For example, certain Chinese herbs are yin herbs, and too much yin can make you mentally and physically lethargic, increase mucus or create other cold-like symptoms, make your face breakout, etc. Too much yang, on the other hand, may make you nervous or highly irritable, create dry skin, mouth or eyes, etc.

We strongly suggest that you begin a health diary and closely track any mental, physical or emotional changes that you experience that may be being caused by the herbs. This can help you quickly recognize any negative impact an herb might be having on you, or it can alternatively make you more aware of any positive changes you might otherwise overlook.